Welcome to William Gordon Bearings.

Welcome to William Gordon Bearings.

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Welcome to William Gordon Bearings. We are manufacturers and distributors of high-quality rolling steel bearings based out of Germany. Our top-of-the-line bearings are made of the highest quality steel possible, designed with your needs in mind.

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Wind Energy Production

For our brand, we source the best bearings from tried and tested manufacturers who have a history of producing durable products. The same Deep Grove ball bearings...[Read More]

Paper Production

Paper has been the mainstay of human civilization for millennia and its importance continues to grow. As the global output for paper continues to increase, paper producers from ...[Read More]


The production, purification, and fabrication of metals are highly complex processes that require a huge array of mechanical equipment to be completed successfully...[Read More]

Mining and Quarrying Industry.

Long gone are the days when mining and quarrying was done by the toiling labor of men. Todays’ mining and quarrying processes utilize machinery to harness the Earth’s mineral wealth ...[Read More]

Cement Production

As the world population grows, so does the need for housing. The last century has seen rapid urbanization worldwide, with approximately half of the world’s population now residing ...[Read More]

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Our brand of bearings consists of a wide section of bearing products designed specifically keeping the longevity of your machinery, business requirements, and costs in mind ...[Read More]

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