Welcome to William Gordon Bearings.

Welcome to William Gordon Bearings.

About us

William Gordon Bearings is a German based company. We are experts at producing, acquiring, and distributing bearings. Our core strength is to facilitate our customers with custom-designed solutions to ensure their operational requirements are fully met while holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Our branded bearings are of the finest quality and greatest possible endurance.

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Our Production Procedures

We collaborate with only the most reputable manufacturers of bearings to ensure you have smooth and reliable experience with our products. Our supplier has 18 years of experience in high quality bearing production to their credit.

Our products are made from exceptional quality high carbon steel to maintain their resilience to and dependability under high pressure and load that is expected during industrial use. Each unit is fully complaint with standard European lubrication guidelines. Since bearings are expected to survive high temperatures during operation, we ensure that they undergo stringent heat treatment procedures to enhance their durability. All our bearings comply with Austrian AECHLIN developed procedures which are among the finest in the world.

Our products are produced to high standards as required by European regulations and have a DIN level 620 standard of P6/ ISO 492 class at the bare minimum. All our products undergo stringent testing, as a result, any product with a deviation of 0.01% is rejected and has its components molten down to be reused.

Our Strengths

Our high emphasis on quality is one of our defining traits, however that is not all we are good at. We have advanced on site labs to carry out a variety of quality, design and testing procedure to ensure we can fulfill your order to fit securely with your requirements.

We maintain strict oversight over the entire production process with frequent checks to ensure compliance with our high standards for our branded bearings and track your orders from end to end, from the time they enter the production facility as raw material to production, testing and shipping.

Make us partners in your success, buy our bearings to ensure the best industrial output for your facility.

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